Glossary of Invitations

A Glossary of Wedding Stationary Terms

Calligraphy - A fancy formal script generally done by hand. This age old art form, once, an expensive way to hand letter wedding invitations. A less expensive way to add the elegant look of calligraphy to your invitations is by using calligraphy software available for the home computer in a variety of formats. Alternately, learn to do calligraphy and do your own invitations.

Embossing - Raised dimensional lettering, borders and artwork without printing. For the budget conscious bride, embossing templates that you hand rub are available at most craft stores.

Engraving - Engraved wedding invitations are extremely elegant and very expensive way of putting ink on paper. The back of the paper is stamped using metal plates, raising the letters up while the ink is applied to the front.

Letterpress - A process that prints from a raised inked surface.

Offset printing - Also known as flat printing it is the most common form of printing. Offset printing is not readily available in large printing houses where thermography is the norm, but it is the only way to use multi colored inks.

Thermography - By using a special printing press that heats the ink, the printer creates a raised effect that is almost identical to engraving, but at half the cost.

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