Addressing the Invitations

Addressing Your Wedding Invitations

What is the proper way to address the envelopes of the wedding invitations? This is the most common questioned asked regarding the wedding stationary . By following a few basic rules you will be able to send out professional looking invitations.

Useful tips on how to address your wedding invitations....

  • Before you get started, make a template you can slide into the envelopes to make addressing look like a professional. Line an index card approximately the size of your envelope using a dark marker. Make even-ruled lines on the card, and a vertical line indicating the center of the card. Slide the card into your envelope, and addressing the envelopes with straight, centered lines couldn't be easier!
  • Address labels are a no-no when addressing your wedding invitations.

Be sure to use the appropriate title when addressing a wedding invitation (even casual weddings). Mr., Mrs., Dr., Ms., Reverend, etc.

A widow is Mrs. John Smith; A divorcee Mrs. Susan Smith.

When addressing for two people sharing a home or living together, or a married couple with different names, use both full names placing the woman's name on top:

Dr. Susan Davis
Mr. James Rosser

Children over 18 and living at home, should receive their own invitation or can be listed separately on their parent's:

Mr. and Mrs. David Brown
Ms. Melissa Brown

Children under 18, are listed below their parents' names on the inside envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. David Brown
Sue, Bret and Mike

If you are inviting single people to bring a guest, this appears on the inside envelope:

Mr. Smith and Guest.

At the post office:

When purchasing postage be sure to take a fully stuffed envelope (invitation, inner envelope, response card & envelope, reception card, map, etc.) to the post office to confirm the correct weight.

Correct postage is determined by weight and size. If sending different enclosures to differing groups of people, take an example of each.

Remember, postage to foreign countries is higher. And, if you are sending invitations to other countries, do not pre-stamp the response envelope. U.S. postage can only be used for mail originating in the U.S., territories or through the armed services.

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